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    Beau Welling

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Beau possesses an incredible intellectual passion and curiosity as demonstrated by the variety of his pursuits, which range from an enthusiasm for contemporary art, literature, and science to his presence within the international golf and development community as a designer and innovator to his service on the boards of the United States Curling Association and the Carolina Ballet Theatre.

Beau’s uniquely diverse interests mirror his equally diverse educational and professional background. He has a physics degree from Brown University and an international business degree from the University of South Carolina. He also studied landscape architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design and Irish drama at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. Beau’s first professional experience began with Siemens AG in Karlsruhe, Germany before moving to Charlotte, NC to begin a successful career as an investment and international banker. From there, Tom Fazio asked him to join Fazio Golf Course Designers where, for over ten years, he helped Tom manage all areas of the firm. During that time, the firm completed over 80 new golf courses and was involved in numerous consulting and renovation engagements, including those for major tournament venues. In 2007, Beau left Tom to found Beau Welling Design to take advantage of international and US‐based opportunities in golf course design and development.

Beau’s rich background in art, design, and business create the principle ideology behind Beau Welling Design. Beau created the business with the idea that our diverse backgrounds and different ways of thinking can unlock a truly holistic approach to design, thereby giving us the ability to add value to our client’s projects in new and exciting ways.