Beau Welling Design is a golf course design and land planning firm providing innovative and responsive solutions to clients around the world. We work in close collaboration with our clients to envision captivating experiences built upon core principles of form, function, and sustainability.

At Beau Welling Design, a team of experts passionate about their craft is led by Founder and Chief Executive Officer Beau Welling. Beau left a ten year career at Fazio Golf Course Designers to follow his dream and create a company that would fuse the finest traditions of the game with modern possibilities.

With offices in Greenville, South Carolina, our team of professionals has over sixty years of global experience in multi-disciplinary design work.


We believe value is created through a design process that addresses artistic, creative, financial, sustainable, and functional elements. In order to maximize the value of a project, every element should be considered in terms of how they will affect one another. The finest successes are the result of a holistic approach that determines the best interplay of these elements, rather than the maximization of each individual element. We have developed our holistic approach to partner with our clients from strategy through implementation to add value to any project.


Our team has developed a process by which we guide our clients to conceive, develop, and deliver world-class projects. We thrive on design concepts and the generation of creative ideas, but we also understand the importance of a creating a strong foundation for the project through a sound business and marketing plan, knowledgeable and experienced consultant team, and plan for construction that is financially and operationally sustainable.

• Define project goals and program elements
• Discuss and analyze the business model to support project goals
• Collaborate with team members to identify possible solutions to all design constraints, including analysis of relevant processes to determine the most effective solutions
• Focus the design team on objectives and efficiently produce concept drawings and all relevant or supporting documents
• Supervise project to successful completion


We use sustainable design to inform all levels of the planning process.

We first analyze existing conditions, including topography and native vegetation to determine how to develop a site with minimum disturbance.
We then use this analysis to guide our design concepts and solutions.
We aspire to design projects that have “no waste” while still improving the quality of life.
We work with other design professionals to integrate various green design initiatives, possibly including:

• Sensitivity to existing topography
• Preservation of existing flora and fauna
• Utilization of sustainable materials
• Development of best management practices
• Efficient irrigation design
• Use of non-potable effluent water for irrigation
• Preservation or improvement of water quality
• Use of alternative energy methods
• Creation and management of wildlife habitat
• Incorporation of LEED principles into buildings
• Educational outreach
• Understand relevant environmental concerns