Welcome to the Beau Welling Design Journal, henceforth, lets just call it our DJ.

We are excited to be launching this effort as a means to connect with our clients, our colleagues, and our friends. We would love it if the DJ helped us reach more and more people; so, we hope you will feel free to share the ideas, commentary, and musings that you will find here.

Our goal is to put out a fair amount of content each week, so please stay tuned.

Some of what you read will be serious; some of it is going to be irreverent.  But all of it will be put forth with a spirit, passion, and intellect worthy of your time, at least we hope so.

Generally speaking, the DJ will have four primary areas of regular content we plan to share:

• The BWD Tournament Hole of the Week:  This feature will present the architecture, history, and some fun facts relating to a golf hole being played on a Professional Golf Tour somewhere in the world.  Look for it weekly.

• Insights from the Team: The most valuable asset we have as a company is our people, no doubt.  And we have great people!  Bios can only tell you so much; so, we will use this biweekly column to take you “inside our studio” as you get to know us more personally.

• State of the Game:  The world is an increasingly and rapidly changing place.  We spend a great deal of time analyzing what’s happening and thinking about future possibilities.  In this section of the DJ, we will share commentary on topics we think are very pertinent for our industry. (Note: This is the serious part of the DJ)

• Five for Friday:  Not only do we have interesting people, but we meet a lot of interesting people! Every week, we are going to publish a five question, short interview with someone we have recently met or know.  This is gonna be fun! We don’t know who will be featured until we meet them or take the time to ask them for some insight. Who knows, it could be anyone really. We might even keep a record of best lobbying efforts put forth by prospective interviewees.

We have never done this before; so, we welcome any comments or feedback you may have.  We are adapters; so, who knows where this thing will end up!

But regardless, we look forward to DJ-ing with you!